In the mountains there’s all I love. They’re demanding but equal for everybody. They’re dangerous but reward the persistent. They looks the same through the years but every day might be different. I like to be there. Get tired and went to the top for a late breakfast then lighten your eyes with sunlight.


I’ve heard a lot about that place where spiky mountains are rising just from the ocean. I know it’s far even behind the polar circle but definitely worth to visit.


There’s no doubt. It’s land of fire and ice. It’s one of the few places in Europe where you can feel the emptiness of the endless road. Here it’s less people here than sheeps and the whole population of Iceland would fit to medium city on the continent.


Promised land. Small country but on every step you can feel thousands years of history. You can walk the same paths as Jesus, climb Masada fortress or swim in Red See. There’s plenty of possibilities. Just pick you choice.


Morocco it’s not only a desert with famous Erg Chebbi called gate to Sahara. You can find here Atlas mountains with highest peak Dżabal Tubkal, 4167m and wide beaches with cold Atlantic ocean. What’s interesting they have excellent roads that allow you to explore whole country.